Daniel's Intuitive Readings
Spiritual CounSouling


Over 40 years ago, a teacher who was woman healer at Esalen, spotted Daniel as a "sensitive" and affirmed his gift of intuition, he has been doing his readings ever since for thousands of folks coming through Esalen, at his Big Sur home/studio and also now in Carmel Valley.

Daniel has been a meditator for the same time period, his teacher from India came here in the 70's when there were then only a few folks coming to sit with his teacher, and he's been offering meditation's ever since, as well.

For many years he taught intuition workshops at Esalen called "A Gentle Unfolding", where participants have had great respect for the support he would offer in their openings.

Daniel deeply affirms One's Soul, stitching a Being back with their True Essence. From there many folks leave after a session and go out and live from that deeper place within.

He has a very quiet mind and lives his practices of meditation and prayer, and is a true healer in his work.

When asked how he does his work, he says he just gets empty, and the information needed for that person just flows through. Daniel does not call himself a psychic, instead "intuitive", although he guides people gently from a deep place, all from a higher Source, through his counseling.

Another true testament to his work is that other sensitives, psychics, spiritual teachers, healers and ministers have all come to him for sessions.

Hopefully this helps to explain something that is difficult to put into words, it truly is experiential and of course unique to each Being Daniel sits with.

"I felt truly seen for the first time in my life. Vast, deep, tender, dreamy, thorough and complete."
- D.R.

"Daniel is a magician of the heart. He has the ability to see truth and beauty. He inspires through kindness, compassion, and sincerity. Every moment I get to learn from him is a precious gift for my soul."
- Coby Kozlowski, M.A., E-RYT
  Life Coach Trainer
  Yoga Teacher Trainer